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Arts & More

Arts & More

Arts & More

On Wednesdays, we will bring you a new craft or activity inspired by that day's Zoo EDventure. Watch the live episode on Facebook (Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. EST) or the recordings and then make the craft or do the activity. Don’t forget to share your craft with us on Facebook.

Nature color wheel

Nature's Color Wheel Activity

Premade Color Wheel

For more Nature's Color Wheel ideas watch Kathy's video.

Untamed Science

Checkout our video by Untamed Science on Animal Enrichment then try creating your own.

Creating Enrichment

SMART spacial monitoring and reporting tool

SMART Activity

In addition checkout our video by Untamed Science on SMART then try your hand at being a ranger on patrol in this activity.

Celebrate Earth Day With Our Special Crafts

North Carolina Zoo: Birds, Blooms, Bees & Butterflies

Design A Pollinator Activity

If you can not go outside or do not have flowers readily available use this handout to help.

If you need inspiration for your pollinator use this handout.

Polar Bear zentangle coloring page

Polar Bear Coloring Pages and Word Search from Polar Bear International