• Uber/Lyft Notification

    We do not recommend that guests use Uber or Lyft services for your visit due to the limited availability of services in the local area.  If you do choose to use Uber, Lyft or Cab services for your visit please make arrangements ahead of time for your return trip.

General Parking

When you arrive at the North Carolina Zoo, you will see that it has two Park entrances, North America and Africa. Each entrance has its own parking lots and ticket booths.

  • Parking is free.
  • Guests can visit the entire Park from either entrance. Please see Park Map.
  • The North America parking lot and entrance is open year-round.
  • The Africa parking lot and entrance is open April-October. (The Africa side of the park is still open and accessible when entering at North America Nov-March; see Winter Visit Tips for more information)
  • During peak times the Zoo may open additional overflow parking lots to meet demand.

After you park your vehicle, please take note of the parking lot number or letter for easy return at the end of your visit. April - October when both lots are open Shuttles are available between parking lots. Tram Service inside the Zoo is available year-round.

Both entrances are on a level walking surface and have accessible drop-off points for visitors who are mobility impaired. Accessible parking spaces are available with a valid license plate or hang tag. Wheelchairs, ECVs and strollers are available to rent at both Park entrances on a first-come, first-served basis.

Bus and RV Parking

Both the North America and Africa parking lots offer designated areas for bus parking. In Africa, please park buses in lot 1. In North America, please park buses in either lot "A" or the Solar Pointe parking area. Individual vehicles should not park in the designated bus parking lots. Please park buses before unloading passengers.

Bus parking areas in the North America and Africa parking lots are also designated parking areas for RVs. RV parking areas are not equipped for overnight parking or camping. Please park RVs before unloading passengers.

EV charging station

Electric Car Charging Stations

The North Carolina Zoo now offers electric car charging stations at two locations in our North America parking lot. There are four charging stations in front of the Stedman Education Center and four charging stations near the Solar Pointe picnic shelter.