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Press Releases

Ghost Story at the North Carolina Zoo - The Lady and the Night Ranger

Purgatory Mountain at the North Carolina Zoo has several spooky stories told by locals over the years. One particular story is from a ranger at the North Carolina Zoo who had an up close and spooky experience one foggy night....

North Carolina Zoo Awarded Multiple Grants for Conservation Projects

The North Carolina Zoo is pleased to announce it has been awarded three grants for its wildlife conservation projects in Africa

North Carolina Zoo Awarded Top Honors for International Conservation Programs

The North Carolina Zoo has been recognized with top honors from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums for its global conservation work. These prestigious awards recognize exceptional efforts toward habitat preservation, species restoration, and support of biodiversity in the wild.

Orphaned Otters Released into the Wild After Collaboration by Three N.C. Agencies

Two North American river otter pups orphaned earlier this year at the North Carolina coast have been successfully rehabilitated and released as part of a cooperative effort between The NC Wildlife Resources Commission (NCWRC), the North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island and North Carolina Zoo. The effort was based on valuable input and cooperation among the participating agencies to help ensure the animals’ well-being. 

North Carolina Zoo Joins the Conservation Centers for Species Survival

The North Carolina Zoo announces it has joined as a full member of the Conservation Centers for Special Survival (known in conservation circles as C2S2), a cooperative group of large conservation facilities in North America dedicated to the preservation of wildlife. Specifically, the C2S2 focuses on species which require large habitats, natural group sizes and minimal public disturbance.

The Zoo, located in central North Carolina, has 2,600 acres of land, with 500 of the acres currently developed, making it an excellent C2S2 partner facility. Joining the organization will enable the Zoo to expand its programs, such as the American red wolf breeding program.

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