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Press Releases

The North Carolina Zoo to bid farewell to its flamingos

The North Carolina Zoo will relocate its flock of 15 Chilean Flamingos to the Greenville Zoo in South Carolina in late September

Chimpanzee Makes Her Debut at the North Carolina Zoo

The North Carolina Zoo announces a new addition to the chimpanzee troop.

North Carolina Zoo Announces Sand Kitten Names Chosen by the Public

The North Carolina Zoo is excited to announce the names of the three sand kitten triplets.

North Carolina Zoo Asks Public to Vote on Names of Sand Cat Triplets

The North Carolina Zoo is asking the public to vote on the “purr-fect” names for our sand cat kitten triplets.

Giraffe Calf Named on World Giraffe Day

Asheboro, N.C. –June 21, 2023 - The North Carolina Zoo is excited to announce the name of the male giraffe calf born on May 20.

Sand Cat Triplets Born at the Zoo

Asheboro, N.C. - June 2, 2023 - The North Carolina Zoo is excited to announce yet another recent birth: three sand cat kittens were born on May 11. Small enough to fit into the palm of your hand, the kittens were born to first-time mother Sahara, 3, and father Cosmo, 9.

Chimpanzee Makes His Debut at the North Carolina Zoo

Asheboro, N.C. — May 30, 2023 - On Sunday, May 21, a healthy baby boy was born to chimp Gigi dramatically – on habitat in full view of guests.

It’s a boy! North Carolina Zoo Welcomes a Giraffe Calf

Asheboro, N.C. – May 24, 2023 - The North Carolina Zoo is excited to announce a soaring addition to its family. The Zoo’s 13-year-old giraffe Leia gave birth to her calf—already about six feet tall—on Saturday, May 20. 

After Renovation and Redesign, the Baboon Habitat Reopens

Asheboro, N.C. – May 23, 2023  - North Carolina Zoo guests can enjoy seeing a band of baboons playing in their newly renovated habitat 

North Carolina Zoo Council Meeting May 10, 2023

Asheboro, N.C. - The North Carolina Zoo Council will hold a meeting on Wed., May 10, from 12:30 p.m. to 1 p.m.

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