Gorilla Mosuba and Bomassa

The Origins of Walking

Why are humans the only primates to walk on two legs?
Whitebacked vulture conservation

North Carolina Zoo & WCS Tanzania Celebrate Receipt of International Conservation Award

Read about the Zoo's most recent international conservation award..
Black bear pair

Black Bear Care

Read about what it takes to care for two black bears with opposite personalities!
Wendy and Leslie Batting

Masters of the Night: Using Sound to Monitor Bat Populations

Did you know that the North Carolina Zoo helps monitor bat populations in NC using acoustic monitoring technology?
Chimp Kendall

The Story of Chimp Kendall

Kendall had a rough start...
Jessica Manzak

Conservation is Not Closed: Continuing Field Conservation and Research During COVID-19

The COVID epidemic has touched everyone in the country. Like other aspects of our work, our conservation efforts have also been challenged by COVID.
Save the Rhino Trust rhino rangers with camera

SMART fosters Stewardship by Re-invigorating the Ranger’s Role in Rhino Conservation

SMART technology provides a fundamental service that improves the value local people attach to saving rhinos by placing the knowledge and the ability to harness it (literally) in their own hands
Young Western lowland gorilla

Gorilla Personality

September 24 is World Gorilla Day.
Rhino baby JoJo and mom

Managing the Rhino Crash

September 22 is International Rhino Day. Read how the zoo keeps our crash (a group of rhinos) moving along at a healthy pace.
international giraffe conservation

A Day with Giraffes - In the Field in Africa

A day at Ruaha National Park in Tanzania.
Monarch on tithonia

Helping Monarch Butterflies Head South

Monarch butterflies must migrate every winter. But they also need fuel. The closest thing to a fast-food restaurant for them is a “Pollination Station.” 
Lappet-faced vulture

Catch a Vulture by the Toe: One of These Things is Not Like the Other

September 5 is International Vulture Awareness Day