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Trail building Team standing on a bridge in the woods

Happy National Trails Day: Update from the Trail Team!

The Zoo celebrates National Trails Day with snacks, games, and trail information outside our North America admission entrance from 10:30 AM until 2:00 PM on Saturday, June 3, 2023. 
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rhino keeper training namibia group

A Rhino Keeper Trains Rangers in Namibia on SMART Technology

Read about Keeper Trull's incredible trip to Africa to expand the Zoo's conservation work through SMART!
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peruvian frog-bottle sensory art

Providing a Conservation Focused Sensory Experience for the Visually Impaired

The Zoo partnered with the North Carolina Museum of Art to help share a story of conservation and art.
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Black Bear Cub Paws

Orphaned Black Bear Cubs – A Chance to Stay Wild

Wildlife rehabilitation should be left to the professionals, to give all wildlife the best chance at keeping their "wild" life.
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research asia construction impacts bison prairie

Zoo Research: Asia Construction Impacts

We are conducting research to see how the Asia construction is affecting the animals.
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chris shupp collecting gopher frog eggs

Conservation Update: Saving the Gopher Frog

We are committed to conservation around the world and in our home state of North Carolina. 
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Join seasonal team

Join the Seasonal Team!

We love our seasonal employees!
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5 declining species monarch

Five Declining Species You Didn't Know About

There are many species at the Zoo that are facing a decline in the wild. 
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