culvert blitz iwth Wendy and Leslie

Masters of the Night: On the search for hibernating bats in Randolph County

The search for bats will lead to some dark places..
Feeding Times at Gorilla

Feeding 1,800 Mouths

Ever think about what it takes to feed a whole ZOO?
Guests at elephant habitat in winter

Making the Most of a Winter Visit at the Zoo

Bundle up and enjoy a winter day with us!
Chimp Nori

All the Love for Nori

Read about the incredible story of chimp Nori!
Two people making Smores over a fire

Winter With Us

Check out the Zoo's new winter enhacements!
hikers at Purgatory trail

Spend Some Time in Purgatory: Exploring the Zoo’s Purgatory Mountain

Emerge yourself completely in nature with us!
Black bear face profile

Un-bear-ably Fun Research

Read about some beary interesting research on our black bears, Luna and Nova!
Sand cat kitten

The Cat's Out of the Bag!

Read about the successful breeding between sand cat pair Cosmo and Najma!
Reilly and Mekita

Zoo Research: Does the Lion Sleep Tonight?

A day in the life of a lion...