Rhino baby JoJo and mom

Managing the Rhino Crash

September 22 is International Rhino Day. Read how the zoo keeps our crash (a group of rhinos) moving along at a healthy pace.
international giraffe conservation

A Day with Giraffes - In the Field in Africa

A day at Ruaha National Park in Tanzania.
Monarch on tithonia

Helping Monarch Butterflies Head South

Monarch butterflies must migrate every winter. But they also need fuel. The closest thing to a fast-food restaurant for them is a “Pollination Station.” 
Lappet-faced vulture

Catch a Vulture by the Toe: One of These Things is Not Like the Other

September 5 is International Vulture Awareness Day
Giraffe up close

A Tall Task: Training Our Tower

Training giants is no small feat!
Bruce with Bigodi secondary school club on waste managment

A School on the Other Side of the World: Building Future Conservationists 

We must teach all over the world, to save the world!
Eastern Hognose Ziggy Burrow

Conserving Snakes Through Public Perception

Next time you encounter a snake in your yard, just consider it another neighbor!
Kidman infant female

At the Front Lines: A Chimpanzee Vet's Last Intervention

Vets have a tough job, which is even more difficult when your patient can climb trees...

How to Train a Dragon

August 14 is World Lizard Day! We are training the world's largest lizard... also known as a dragon here at the North Carolina Zoo.
Jb Mike and Desiree with bull elephant

Vets in the Field: The Plight of Forest Elephants in Africa

August 12 is World Elephant Day! The impact of the North Carolina Zoo's veterinarians is worldwide, even in the most remote parts of the planet
Male African lion

Poop in the Hallway: Lion Style Love

August 10 is World Lion Day In the lion dating scene, sometimes a little poop can spark the perfect match.
Silver Boa

Cold-blooded Conservation: Saving the World’s Rarest Boa – The First Steps

How do you save a snake that has only been known about for 5 years?