• Chimpanzee Baby Born May 21

    A baby chimp was born to Chimpanzee mom, Gigi on May 21.  Both mom and baby are doing great!
    While Mom and the new baby are resting and bonding, they may be behind the scenes.  

More than 1,700 animals call the North Carolina Zoo home. The animals live in habitats representing two regions—Africa and North America—plus a global Desert. As the world's largest natural habitat zoo, the animals at the North Carolina Zoo have plenty of room to roam. 

North America

The year 1994 was memorable at the Zoo as it’s when the North America region opened and when three polar bear siblings arrived, creating a statewide buzz. Payton and Anana are our current polar bear stars and are joined by black bears, red wolves and hundreds of other animals in this diverse region.


Ground was first broken for the Africa region in the spring of 1976, and the grand opening of the original five habitats took place in the summer of 1980. Today, it’s home to a multitude of habitats, including those showcasing chimpanzees, giraffes, gorillas, zebras and, of course, elephants.