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Zoo Tickets: Group Information

Zoo Tickets: Group Information

Purchase Group Tickets in Advance

Purchase group zoo tickets in advance and receive complimentary admission for one group leader and one bus driver.

The Zoo also offers the chance to enhance your group's visit by adding on Catering and/or Educational Experiences. Our catering and educational options are available for visitors of all ages and group activities.

Read more about our Zoo Membership to learn how joining the North Carolina Zoo Society can benefit you, your family and your business when visiting The Zoo.

Group Rates (15 Guests+)


Senior (62+)

Military (1 per ID)



Child (2-12)$9
Child (Under 2)FREE


Group Rates at the Admission Gates

Group Rates are available at the admission gate on the day of your visit as long as your group meets the following criteria:

  • Group includes 15 or more paying guests (ages two and up).
  • Group must use one single form of payment with cash, credit or debit.
  • All members must enter the Zoo together as a group at the same time.

Note that purchasing a group rate on the day of the visit does not include complimentary admissions for group leaders or bus drivers. In order to receive this benefit, please purchase in advance online or by calling 336.879.7700 or 1.800.488.0444, ext. 7700.

For big groups, also consider acquiring our Corporate Zoo Memberships. This provides 25 to 600 one-day passes for FREE admission and discounted zoo prices at all society gift shops. All proceeds from the Corporate Zoo Membership help support Zoo operations.

Do groups receive a zoo ticket pricing discount on admission to the North Carolina Zoo?

Group discounts begin with a minimum of 15 paying guests. If you purchase your zoo tickets in advance, your group can receive free admission for one group leader and one bus driver. To qualify for a group rate at the admission gate on the day of your visit, you will need to pay for the group in one transaction with cash, credit or debit only.

How do groups purchase discounted tickets to the North Carolina Zoo?

Groups can purchase online or call 336.879.7700 or 1.800.488.0444, ext. 7700 for a group of 15 paying guests to receive a discounted zoo ticket price. In order to qualify for a group rate at the admission gate on the day of your visit, please pay for the group in one transaction with cash, credit or debit only.

Once group e-tickets have been purchased, how long can they be used from the purchase date?

Zoo tickets purchased online are valid for six months. You can find the valid dates printed on the tickets.

Where do groups with advance zoo tickets check-in?

The pre-ticketed line is lane 5 at either the North America or Africa entrance.

If we bring our lunch, where can we picnic?

The Zoo has picnic areas outside both the North America and Africa entrances where you can eat your lunch. The picnic areas are available to guests on a first-come, first-served basis. We do not allow coolers or lunches into the Zoo.

The Africa Region offers three different picnic sites. They feature ADA compliant restrooms that are located in close proximity to picnic tables.

The North America Region offers one picnic site. You can park your car closer to the picnic areas. Restrooms are ADA compliant and are located in close proximity to the picnic tables.

Does the North Carolina Zoo allow personal food or coolers inside the Zoo?

Large coolers and full picnic-style meals are not permitted inside the park. Guests are welcome to carry a bottled, non-alcoholic beverage into the Park and a small snack. Water fountains are available throughout the park in case you choose to bring a refillable water bottle. Guests are welcome to enjoy a picnic-style meal at one of our picnic areas located outside the Zoo admission gates and may present their daily admission receipt for express re-entry.

Grilling is not permitted at the picnic areas or in our parking lots. Guests with strict dietary or medical needs will be allowed to bring food into the Zoo; please check with Guest Services at Admissions upon arrival so that your bag/small cooler can be tagged and brought inside the Zoo.

Does the North Carolina Zoo have picnic areas available to rent for a large group or party?

We do have picnic rentals ranging from $100 for three hours to $1,250 for all day. Picnic rentals require using the Zoo’s catering company, SSA, for your event’s catering needs (this includes food, beverages and rental items such as tents, chairs and tables). For more information, please call the Reservations Help Line at 336.879.7700 or 1.800.488.0444, ext. 7700.

Where can the buses unload?

Buses can unload and park at North America in parking lot "A" or Solar Pointe. In Africa, the location is parking lot 1. For safety and traffic flow reasons buses are not permitted to drop off or pick up near the entrances.

Where can handicapped/special needs groups unload?

Handicapped/special needs groups can unload in front of the entrances in the designated traffic circle for North America and/or Africa.

What happens if I lose my receipt/ticket and need to exit the Zoo for any reason?

Please see a member of our Guests Services or Admissions team before you exit to have your hand stamped for same-day re-entry.

Do I have to print my zoo tickets before my group comes to the Zoo?

Yes, you must print and distribute your tickets to your group before coming to the gate for entry to the Zoo.

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