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Summer 2023 Brings the Champs to the Zoo!

Summer 2023 Brings the Champs to the Zoo!

Trevor Griffis

Summer 2023 Brings the Champs to the Zoo!

The Zoo welcomes more four-legged friends to our Zoo family this summer. These friends happen to have cold noises that will warm your heart! Canine Champions for Conservation is a fun, high-energy show starring dogs rescued from shelters to raise awareness and support for conservation efforts. Paws up for our "Champs"! 

Chris Collier and Alyssa Buller are professionals from the dog training community, and each dog in their pack of 15 dogs specializes in something different. Chris and Alyssa take their dogs' welfare very seriously and love to take any opportunity to get out into nature and let the Champs "be dogs." Each dog in their family is a treasured, valued pet and family member (and that big family includes one cat.)

You'll love watching Chris and Alyssa's Champs soar, spin, jump, and fly in each and every show and learn more about how these dogs came to be part of their family. 

These shows are held in Africa Continent, near Gorillas and Baboon Habitats, and are FREE for all our guests. Show seating is first-come, first served and runs daily Tuesday-Sundays, weather permitting from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend. Please check the schedule daily for exact times and any changes.


Chris and Alyssa below with the pack of Champs and one cat