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Join the Seasonal Team!

Join the Seasonal Team!

Join the Seasonal Team!

Written by Hannah Tulloch, Digital Media Coordinator, North Carolina Zoo

There’s a reason the North Carolina Zoo has returning seasonal employees; they love what they do and where they get to do it! The Zoo takes a village to run smoothly and successfully, and we are so glad to have seasonal employees as a part of that village.

One of the most critical jobs is with transport! The transport team is essential to guests’ experience as they help keep the Zoo running smoothly every day, transporting guests where they want to go.

Zoofari truck tour driver

Returning seasonal transportation employees may have the opportunity to become a Zoofari driver! Imagine watching the baby southern white rhinos grow up or even seeing a newborn Oryx take its first steps!

Seasonal transportation team member, Ronnie Lucas, says he continues to work at the Zoo for the people. “The Zoo is a nice place to be. I taught school and get to see my old students sometimes. I love to interact with people; that’s what makes the Zoo tick – the people.” Ronnie has driven all positions in transportation, including the tram, Zoofari, and the parking lot shuttle buses.

transport tram driver

Ronnie Lucas making sure everyone gets safely loaded onto the tram!

Some seasonal employees like Brent Robbins can get up close and personal with our animals. Brent helps manage Acacia Station Giraffe Deck, an additional attraction for purchase where you can get a treetop view of the giraffes and possibly feed them lettuce! Giraffe Deck is weather-dependent, and masks are required. Brent has found the perfect job to combine his love for animals and provide education to guests. He says, “It’s great to be here at the Zoo and enjoy coming to work. It doesn’t feel like a job!”

preparing lettuce for giraffe feeding

Brent Robbins sorting the lettuce before it's fed to the giraffe!

The Zoo is looking to hire seasonal positions in the Entertainment and Transportation areas of the Zoo. All current seasonal openings will be for work from hire date through November. Applicant requirements for positions vary.

So that brings the question: Are you ready for a wild job? Apply today and join our seasonal team!