Zoo EDventures Online Series

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Join us virtually on our FACEBOOK PAGE every Monday and Wednesday at 10 a.m. for a fun, educational presentation about animals and nature. Check each individual day for its topic below.

All ages encouraged to join in and we'll take your questions throughout the LIVE event.

All previously recorded Zoo EDventures are available here on our website!  Scroll down to see past episodes.



With the reopening of the Zoo, starting the week of June 15th we are moving Zoo EDventures to two days a week.

July 6 - Monday

10 a.m. Ostrich - Take a walk with the Zoo EDventures team to enter the TALL world of this feathery friend! See what the “peck” is going on between her and one of her zookeepers.

July 8 - Wednesday

10 a.m. Zebra - Have you herd? The Zoo EDventures team is going onto a specific animals’ habitat to answer this ridiculous question: What is black & white and eats greens?

Can't Join Us Live for Our Online Events? Videos are included below and available on our YouTube Channel