Home Schools

Home school groups can participate in any of our school programs such as EDventures at the Zoo (onsite programs), Zoo to You (offsite programs), Zoo Classroom (distance learning), and through our Homeschool Day Events hosted 4 times a school year. This school year our Homeschool Day Events will happen on September 26th, November 7th, February 27th, and April 16.  For more information and to purchase tickets please visit our Eventbrite, found here.

Snake animal ambassador

EDventures at the Zoo

Groups of 15-30 students can sign up for an EDventures at the Zoo program. These programs are 30 – 45 minutes in length and themed to the specific habitat at which we meet.Up to three programs can be scheduled a day.

Zoo To You

The Zoo can also come to you! If your group of 15 - 30 students meets within 100 miles from the Zoo, a Zoo educator can come present one of our Zoo to You programs. These are about an hour in length.

Zoo Classroom

Step into our virtual classroom. We offer a variety of virtual programs that can meet your groups needs.