Wild About Nature

Wild About Nature is about sharing some ways you and your family can explore and learn about our natural world. Even if you can’t go outside or if you don’t have a yard, you can still connect with nature. We are going to share some simple nature play at home ideas, playful learning in nature, and some cool environmental education. To see our new content weekly join our Adventures in EdZOOcation Facebook Group or explore some of the past content below.

Neighborhood Naturalist

Playful Experiences

Here is a premade color wheel to go with the activities or feel free to make your own.

Looking for other nature play activities to do at home?

Virtual Hike of Purgatory Mountain Trail

Want to take a hike but can not get outdoors. Join Bob, the Neighborhood Naturalist, as he explores the natural and historical world of Purgatory Mountain in this virtual hike.

Help Pollinators by Making Pollination Pods