Zoo Science

Come explore the scientific world with us. Try a new science experiment at home (with your parent’s permission of course). We will have lots of fun and you may even learn something.

Conservation in Action

UNITE for the Environment is training Ugandan teachers to be better environmental educators and stewards of the natural world. Join the team as they show us how to build fuel efficient stoves, traditional beehives, and repurpose plastic bottles into waste bins. These are items that teachers and students are building for their communities in an effort to reduce their environmental impact and protect Uganda’s forests and charismatic forest animals such as chimpanzees.

Science of Birding

Have an interest in trying birding? Learn some basic tips and give our skills test a try in our two Zoo Science videos. We will prepare you to participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count in February. To learn more about this citizen science project visit - https://www.birdcount.org/

At Home Science

Download an Ethogram Chart to start your own study.

Download a Biodiversity Plot to start your own study.

Pet Detectives

Science in the Dark


Creature Features