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    North Carolina Zoo is proud to join Governor Cooper’s Hometown Strong Initiative by providing school programs at a reduced rate for Tier 1 Counties.

Zoo to You EDventures (offsite programming)

These programs can be adapted for either a classroom or assembly style program. They are designed to stimulate curiosity about animals and their habitats and encourage respect for the natural world. The North Carolina Zoo offers a variety of program topics, which are found below. 

For further information or to schedule a program for your school, contact the Zoo's Education School Programs Office 336.879.7718 or toll free 1.800.488.0444, or email.

Classroom Version

This education program is designed for groups of less than 30 students. Zoo To You EDventures cost $150 per program. We serve a 100 mile radius of the Zoo.  

There is a minimum of four weeks for any Zoo to You programs and full payment is due at least two weeks prior to the scheduled program date.


Available Programs

A Frog's Life 

Best for upper elementary and middle school aged children, this program takes a look at the lifecycle of frogs, how they are beneficial, and what challenges they face in the wild.   

Amazing Adaptations

Amazing Adaptations is perfect for 6th grade students but can be adapted to almost any age group.  We look at how different animals are able to survive in different habitats with different stressors, making ties to real world examples to get students excited about adaptations but also to understand humans have adaptations as well!

Animal Architects

Different animals live in different places, all specifically made to help them survive.  But have you ever wondered how a nest is made, or why a butterfly uses a cocoon?  How do termites make structures taller than 4 refrigerators stacked on top of one another?  Together we explain these architects and how they are so good at creating these wonders.

Animal Wrappers

Not all animals look and feel the same.  Why are some things soft and other things slimy?  Together we look at the different "wrappers" of animals and use audience observations to explain adaptations.  Best for grades K-1.

Bone Detectives

A fascinating introduction to the skeletal system of different animals and how the benefits of bones extend to humans as well.  This is a fabulous program for winter months when we cannot include live animals in our programs for their own safety!

Carolina's Coolest

When you think of the zoo, you likely think of elephants and giraffes and rhinos.  While we do have amazing African animals at the North Carolina Zoo, we also have animals that live here in North Carolina that you may have never seen!  We will talk about birds, reptiles, amphibians, and animals that can all be found right here in your backyard.

Gentle Giants

Some of our animal friends at the North Carolina Zoo are massive!  Why did they grow so big, and are they really as scary as they seem?  This program is best for younger elementary school age groups to explore basic observations and begin to apply logic to animal survival. 

From Eggs to  Legs

This program is geared specifically for 2nd graders to learn about different life cycles and how they compare and contrast with each other.

Investigating Invertebrates 

Enter the world of Inverts and how complex they can be.  This program has modifications to fit the needs of multiple age groups, and offers an up close and personal look at invertebrates, what they are, and how they are beneficial.


All Science starts with using our senses!  Together we will us our senses to observe the senses of other animals at work!  This program keeps the wow factor, is fast paced, and great for students of all ages, as student observations lead the discussion.

Nature's Mythbusters

Can you run in a zigzag to avoid an alligator?  Do snakes eat their tails?  Can owls really turn their head 360 degrees?  Do vampire bats really suck our blood?  Join us in answering the crazy questions you may have never thought to second guess!

Three Bears

Three bears are in North America: Black bear, Grizzly bear, and Polar bear!  How are they different?  Using the age old story of the three bears and goldilocks, we compare these three bears and point out just how different they really are.



The above programs can also be taught assembly style. We serve a 100 mile radius of the Zoo.  

Number of Participants  Cost per Program
40 - 99   $200
100 - 200 max  $250

For further information or to schedule a program for your school, contact the Zoo's Education School Programs Office 336.879.7718 or toll free 1.800.488.0444, or email.