Use the resources provided here, both in your classroom and on a field trip to the Zoo, to connect your students to wildlife, plants, and wild places. You will find a variety of activities and lesson plans incorporating different curriculum areas. 

Inquiry Packs

The North Carolina Zoo has new "inquiry" packs for teachers (including home school teachers) to checkout during their field trip to the Zoo. These packs have all the materials and directions to do grade appropriate activities onsite that meet the North Carolina Essential Standards. Starting spring 2019 we will have new distance learning opportunities. 

Lesson Plans and Field Trip Activities

Untamed Science Video Series

Join Rob Nelson, from Untamed Science as he learns more about the North Carolina Zoo in this exciting and educational video series. Each video is approximately 5-minutes. Some of the topics include hellbender conservation, African vulture conservation, composting, polar bear reproduction, and animal enrichment.

Share Your Bright Ideas

Email your ideas for lessons or activities and we will consider them as a resource for our website.