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Resources for Grades 3 - 5

Resources for Grades 3 - 5

Resources for Grades 3 - 5


Hospitable Habitats

Students will observe their favorite Zoo habitat to recreate and emphasize the features all animals need in their homes.

Grade Level: 3-5
Themes: Habitats, Zoos
Curriculum Connections: Science, Art

Keeper for a Day

Learn what zookeepers do by making observations and completing tasks at various Zoo habitats.

Grade Level: 3-5
Theme:  Zoos
Curriculum Connections: Science

Myths Matter

In the classroom or at the Zoo, students can explore some of the world's most common animal myths while investigating the fact or fiction behind the mystery.

Grade Level: 3-8
Themes: Adaptations, Conservation
Curriculum Connections: Science, Art

Prying Into Plants

While at the North Carolina Zoo, students use observation skills to analyze the many different features of plants.

Grade Level: 3-8
Themes:  Adaptations, Biodiversity, Ecosystems
Curriculum Connections: Science, Social Studies, Art

up close western tiger salamander face

Students will solve animal mysteries at the North Carolina Zoo to emphasize the connections between water and all forms of life.

Grade Level: 3-8
Themes:  Habitats, Conservation
Curriculum Connections: Science, Language Arts

Students observe and analyze the natural behaviors of primate species at the North Carolina Zoo.

Grade Level: 3-12
Themes: Adaptations, Habitat
Curriculum Connections: Science, Math

Students explore the unique climates and organisms of the world's major biomes while making connections to North Carolina Zoo habitats.

Grade Level: 5-8
Themes:  Ecosystems, Conservation, Biodiversity, Habitat
Curriculum Connections: Science, Social Studies, Art