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Resources K-2

Resources K-2

Resources K-2


Animal Yoga

Use yoga poses in your classroom to involve students in physical activities that connect them to unique animal behaviors.

Grade Level: K-2
Theme: Adaptations
Curriculum Connections: Science, Physical Education

Observe and compare different characteristics of animals while at the North Carolina Zoo. From animal coverings to forms of locomotion, investigate how different features help creatures.

Grade Level: K-2
Themes:  Adaptations, Habitats
Curriculum Connections: Science, Math, Art

While at the North Carolina Zoo, students observe and identify animal adaptations to help them create their own unique creature.

Grade Level: K-2
Themes:  Adaptations
Curriculum Connections: Science, Art

Learn what zookeepers do by making observations and completing tasks at various North Carolina Zoo habitats.

Grade Level: K-3
Theme:  Zoos
Curriculum Connections: Science