Animal Facts
    Common Name:
    Golden-crested Myna
    Scientific Name:
    Ampeliceps coronatus
    • Feeds actively on the ground searching for fruit and insects
    • Their nests are built in holes or cavities in trees, cliffs, and even roofs.
    • Their call has been described as sounding like a goat.
    3 oz
    8.5 in
    Life Span:
    17 yrs
    Gestation Period:
    14 days
    Number of Young:
    3-5 eggs
    • Forest
    Fun Facts:
    • Myna are excellent mimics and copy sounds, other bird calls, and even people.
    • The word "myna" is derived from two Sanskrit words meaning "bubbling with joy."
    • Easily spotted due to its bright yellow crest
    • Their natural call, which can be heard in the Aviary, sounds like the bleat of a goat.
    • Habitat Loss
    Endangered Status
    Endangered Status
    • Extinct in Wild (EW)
    • Critically Endangered (CR)
    • Endangered (EN)
    • Vulnerable (VU)
    • Near Threatened (NT)
    • Least Concern (LC)
    • Not Evaluated (NE)

    These birds are cavity nesters. Keepers provide “cavities” in the form of nest boxes at preferred heights so the birds feel safe and secure while nesting.

    The Aviary design replicates a tropical rain forest. Mimicking their natural habitats has allowed birds to exhibit natural behaviors like courtship, successful breeding, and raising of young. LISTEN for their calls and LOOK for nests and courtship behaviors on your visit to the Aviary.

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    This species is cooperatively managed as part of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums' Species Survival Plan program program. This program is responsible for developing a Breeding and Transfer Plan for each species in the program.