The North Carolina Zoo is committed to protecting wildlife populations and their natural habitats. Just like the animals under our care at the Zoo, our conservation programs span the globe. Our animals at the Zoo are ambassadors for the conservation efforts we make abroad. The Zoo works to protect habitat, understand the needs of endangered species through research, and to thwart the widespread threat of poaching and wildlife trade. We work closely with local protected area staff, communities, and other leading conservation organizations. Through our long-term commitment to action on the ground in the field, we are able to make a difference in saving animals from extinction. 

Developing SMART Technology to Defend Wildlife

The North Carolina Zoo is helping to develop a software package that empowers law enforcement officials in the fight against the illegal wildlife trade.

Saving Gorillas Across Africa

Our park is helping to save wild gorillas by equipping ranges with tools to track and reduce threats, and to count the gorillas themselves.

Helping Tanzania’s Vultures Thrive

The North Carolina Zoo is helping to save African vultures in the wild by tracking their movements, monitoring populations, and mitigating threats.

Helping Teachers Protect Uganda’s Forests

Through our UNITE for the Environment program, the North Carolina Zoo is training Ugandan teachers to be better environmental educators and stewards of the natural world.

Our Long-Term Commitment to Elephant Conservation

The North Carolina Zoo participates in multiple efforts to protect wild elephants in West Africa from poaching and conflict with local farmers.

Protecting Rhinoceros in the Wild

The North Carolina Zoo participates in multiple efforts to safeguard rhinos living in the wild.

Saving Africa’s Big Cats

The North Carolina Zoo is working in Nigeria and across Southern Africa on halting the declines of large carnivores like lions and leopards.

Protecting Chimpanzees from Snares

The North Carolina Zoo is working with anti-poaching teams in Uganda to ensure that Kibale National Park can be a safe haven for chimpanzees.

Protecting Tanzania’s Gentle Giants

The North Carolina Zoo is helping to protect giraffes in southern Tanzania by assessing their population health, reducing poaching, and investigating a mysterious skin disease.

Conserving Endangered Caribbean Reptiles and Amphibians

The North Carolina Zoo is helping to save several Endangered amphibians and reptiles across the Caribbean through captive breeding and reintroduction efforts to supplement existing wild populations.

Conserving Red Colobus - Africa’s Most Threatened Monkey Group

The North Carolina Zoo supports efforts to save red colobus monkeys across Africa.

Creating Safe Havens for Endangered Pacific Birds

The North Carolina Zoo participates in a multi-year effort to translocate birds endemic to the Marianas Islands that are threatened by invasive snakes to areas where they can thrive.