wilderness camera

Camera Trapping for Conservation

Camera traps are used to learn more about native wildlife at the Zoo.
Guests getting trained for ropes course entry

Join the Seasonal Team!

We love our seasonal employees!
Photographing behind the scenes for grasslands species

Photo Ark Photo Shoot with Joel Sartore

The North Carolina Zoo is proud to be a part of the National Geographic Photo Ark!
Kafue rangers find a snare on SMART patrol
Sebastian Kennerknecht

World Ranger Day 2021: Conservation During COVID

Rangers are on the frontlines of conserving wildlife and our natural world!
New tree growth at Nichols Preserve

Nichols Longleaf Pine Preserve: Protecting the Giants of the Piedmont

Discover this protected, hidden gem in the Piedmont!
carpenter bee close up on a blanket flower

It's the Little Things in Kidzone

Discover all of nature's hidden secrets in Kidzone.
Rhinos eating

Keeping Up with the Keratins

Read about rhino social lives!
Group of giraffe calves with adult in Nyerere National Park

Giraffe Social Systems: Friends in High Places

Celebrate World Giraffe Day 2021 by learning about giraffe social groups!
C'sar elephant yoga training left front forward

Elephant Yoga

How do you help an elephant stay strong? You do elephant yoga!  
Up close head photo of Doli the hornbill

Doli the Abyssinian Ground Hornbill

Meet a Zoo favorite, Doli!
Honey bee

Helping One of Nature’s Underdogs—the Native Bee

Help nature's most important underdogs!