The North Carolina Zoo is devoted to protecting our natural world each and every day. From vultures and gorillas in Africa to endangered plants and amphibians in our own state, the Zoo has been involved in the conservation of animals in the wild for more than two decades.

What began as a modest project focused on one country in Africa has grown into a leading program in zoo-based conservation. Our staff are active in conserving wildlife and their habitats in eight different African countries, the Caribbean, the Mariana Islands in the Western Pacific, and across our home state of North Carolina. Through partnership and collaboration with more than 90 partners we have been able to help save animals from extinction and maximize our conservation impact in over 20 countries.

Because conservation challenges can’t be solved overnight, we purposely make significant, long term, strategic commitments to the projects we undertake. Click through the site to learn more about our amazing conservation programs. You can also learn more about the our conservation programs by reading the North Carolina Zoo's Conservation and Research Program report (links to PDF.)