Scout Leader Hints

Scout tree cookies

The North Carolina Zoo is dedicated to assisting all Scout leaders in providing meaningful and memorable Zoo experiences to their scouts. By downloading one of the following activity guides, Scout Leaders will be able to provide an experience that promotes issues of conservation, fosters an excitement for the animals beyond what they are and what they eat, and provides an insight into how we are all connected to the wildlife and wild lands that surround each one of us.

Scout Leaders can choose to purchase "Zoo Patches" from one of the Zoo's gift shops. These patches can be used as incentive for completing some of the activities or as a reward for taking part in the Zoo experience. Scouts may take what they discover at the Zoo and organize community-based action projects at home, in their own neighborhoods. Working together, people within a community can make a huge positive impact on the environment. 

Scout Leaders: Please download one of the following resources to help facilitate your next Zoo visit.

You may also want to look at other resources within the Animal Section and Educator Resources. Feel free to design your own program, using the patch as a reward for completing your program requirements.

Please visit the Zoo's online reservations to make arrangements for your scout group.

The North Carolina Zoo thanks you for your time and efforts. Happy scouting!