transport tram driver

Seasonal Jobs Available at the North Carolina Zoo: Transportation  

Ready for a wild job at the North Carolina Zoo?
Virgin Island boa

World Wildlife Day 2022: Reflections on Conservation After Two Years of COVID-19 

COVID has had an effect on wildlife conservation, read our Zoo team's thoughts on conservation in the past several years.
Chris Goldston talking to guests

Equality, Diversity, Inclusion, Black History and Me

In honor of Black History Month, long-tenured employee Chris Goldston shares his story and experience with diversity at the North Carolina Zoo.
Polar Bear Payton laying down

Polar Bear Payton’s First Year at the North Carolina Zoo

February 27, 2022, is International Polar Bear Day
Wreathed hornill
Nicky Icarangul

Love Hornbills Day 2022

Read more about these magnificent birds knows as the “Gardeners of the Rainforest” 
Grizzly Ronan looking over a rock

Welcoming Our New Grizzly, Ronan from Arizona 

Ronan is settling in well and bonding with his keepers!
Gorilla Mosuba and Bomassa

Zoo Research: Growing with Gorillas

Never a dull moment when observing gorilla behavior!
Snow at Arctic Fox

Director's Holiday Wishes

Holiday Greetings from the North Carolina Zoo!
remote camera trap images of Visayan warty pigs
Talarak Foundation

North Carolina Zoo Supports the Reintroduction of Visayan Warty Pigs Back Into the Wild

As the North Carolina Zoo prepares for construction on the new Asia zone of the Zoo, many exciting new species are planned for the Asian habitats, including the critically endangered Visayan Warty Pig from the Philippines.
sunset in the pine forest

Masters of the Night: On the Road Again with Bats

More bat research in the books!
Male African lion

At the Front Lines: Cutting-edge technology upgrades help SMART transform conservation around the world

The latest version of SMART - Spatial Monitoring and Reporting Tool - represents more than two years and countless hours of collaborative work with partners from around the world.