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Winter With Us at the North Carolina Zoo

Winter With Us at the North Carolina Zoo

Winter With Us at the North Carolina Zoo

"Visit the Zoo Day" is celebrated nationwide every December 27, and here at the North Carolina Zoo, we celebrate it every day! It's a special day to immerse yourself in nature and experience wildlife. While most people think of warmer weather when they visit the North Carolina Zoo, visiting the Zoo in the winter can be a great time for a few reasons. Usually, there are fewer crowds, which means you can view the animals and exhibits without having to jostle for space.

Many North American animals are more active in the colder months, so you can see them more easily. Winter is prime time viewing for polar bears, Arctic foxes, grizzly bears, black bears, and our Prairie animals such as herds of bison and elk.

Since spring and summer are peak seasons for the Zoo, it can be pretty crowded on sunny days, making it challenging for excited children to see everything. In the winter, you can take your time through the park!  

We recommend dressing in layers - stay comfortable -   as even brisk walks in winter can warm you up quickly.

On most weekends throughout the winter, the Zoo sells favorites such as hot chocolate and S'mores kits that you can make over a fire pit - making it a truly memorable experience.

No matter how cold it may appear outside, visiting the North Carolina Zoo in winter yields many exciting experiences with fascinating creatures that enthrall any age! From taking advantage of shorter waits, seeing animals in their natural habitats, enjoying walking in the crisp air, these reasons are great incentives for anyone looking for an unforgettable adventure this season at one of North Carolina's finest attractions!

Grab your coat, hat, gloves, and mittens, and we'll see you at the Zoo!