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What You Can Do

What You Can Do

What You Can Do

Everyone can make a difference to save wildlife. By taking actions to reduce consumption of natural resources, you make a very real difference for the health of our planet. Learn more about what you can do to protect animals and the environment by clicking on the links underneath.

At The Zoo

  • Your visit to the North Carolina Zoo helps to support our wildlife conservation efforts in North Carolina and around the world.
  • When you purchase food at the Zoo, you can "round up" your purchase to the next dollar to help protect endangered species.
  • At our gift shops, you can purchase buttons, and the proceeds go towards our wildlife conservation work.
  • Select the “Support Endangered Species” option when you purchase a Zoo membership.

Cell Phone Recycling

By donating your old phones to the North Carolina Zoo, you

  • Keep toxic chemicals out of our environment.
  • Provide vital emergency services to those in need.
  • Help support the education efforts of impoverished people of Uganda.

Cell phone donation locations are at the Zoo's North America and Africa entrances.

Taking Action

Taking actions, even small ones, has great potential for the protection of the Earth for animals and for people. The list of opportunities is practically unlimited, but these general guidelines will give you some direction:

  • Take an honest look at the quantity of fuel, water, and energy your household uses, and pick out one way to use a little less of these resources.
  • Participate in a community clean-up project at least once each year.
  • Support locally-produced food products or plant a small garden to grow your own food.
  • As long as it is safe to do so, drink tap water.
  • Support the Zoo or another wildlife conservation organization.
  • Learn more about your favorite Zoo animal.
  • Plant a Monarch Waystation to help this increasingly rare butterfly and other pollinators.
  • Recycle everything you can.
  • Volunteer at the Zoo.