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$5 activation fee and .33 a minute ($19.80/hr), no time limit

Take a “ryde” through the Zoo!

Rent a Rydable, the cutest themed animal electric powered mobility cart you have ever seen! Rydables allow you to cruise through the Zoo at a safe speed. This interactive experience is fun for the whole family and is sure make your trip more memorable.

Bring out the kid in you and rent a Rydable for your next Zoo adventure!

Age: Must be age 12 to ride alone. Adults (age 18+) may ride with one child seated in front of the adult on the Rydable.

Cost: $5 activation fee and .33 a minute ($19.80/hr), no time limit.

Rental: Available at the North America and Junction plaza for rent.  Look for the signs with instructions on how to download and use the app to pay for Rydables. Must be 18 years old or older to rent a Rydable. (May rent up to 4 Rydables per Rydable account.)

Rydables have small pouches on the sides to store your belongings.

Rydables are first-come, first-served and sanitized between rentals. Weight limit is 350 lbs.



• Be careful and stay alert while driving your Rydable.

• Please do not bump into other Rydables / people / things! (Rydables are NOT “bumper cars”.)

• Remain seated while driving.

• Do not to stand up on, or horseplay, while on a Rydable.

• Please stay on the designated paths only.

• Obey all signs and instructions.

• If Rydable begins to beep and/or slow down, you are approaching a restricted area. Safely turn your Rydable around.

By renting your Rydable(s), you accept full responsibility for your actions and those in your party. You are responsible for returning your Rydable in the same condition that you rented it, including any cleaning, damage or necessary repairs to either the “skin” and the cart underneath.


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