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Hear and see some of the wildest veterinarian and medical encounters caring for the largest and smallest of the Zoo’s residents. Your ticket purchase supports the Zoo's Conservation Medical Fund and you receive a plate of food (provided by the Zoo's catering group SSA), a beer, and a door prize entry for an animal painting. Each event will feature a small batch of a specially brewed beer created by our hosts at Four Saints Brewing Company. Guests will also enjoy an education station and giveaways at these fun events! Thank you to our Sponsors Four Saints Brewing Company and SSA (Service Systems Associates)!

August 3
“Apes Without Tails”

The Zoo’s great ape troops continue to grow in births! Medical advances have also increased animal care and life longevity among all the great apes: Gorilla, Chimpanzee, Orangutan, Bonobo and Human. Join Curator of Mammals Jennifer Ireland and Animal Management Supervisors Chris Goldston and Jodi Wiley and learn how the Zoo’s experts manage these highly intelligent animals and their complex social interactions and structures. All without tails. 

October 12
All-American Tails 

North Carolina is home to the critically endangered American red wolf, with only a few dozen currently living in the wild in eastern N.C. The North Carolina Zoo is at the forefront of saving this native American species and is the second largest breeding facility in the country. Chris Lasher is an Animal Management Supervisor and the coordinator of the Red Wolf Species Survival Plan through the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. Discover how the Zoo and partner agencies, are caring for red wolves and working to make a difference for them in the wild.