International Wildlife Conservation 2020


At the North Carolina Zoo, we are committed to protecting wildlife and other natural resources. Through the International Conservation portion of our Living With Nature Live! events, our goal is to show middle and high school students the many ways we work to conserve.

The post-event activities for this event are focused on collaborative practices with groups or classes and an optional suggestion to team up with and interact with students from across the globe.

Similar to how the Zoo aims to collaborate with others across our state and across the globe, we hope that through this event, we can encourage collaboration between students, schools, districts, counties and even countries.

Date of Event: March 25, 2020

Designed For: Middle School and High Schools Students (see NC Standard Course of Study alignments below).


  • The student will be able to identify and describe international conservation practices as offered by the North Carolina Zoo and in his/her own community/region.

  • The student will be able to create plans for international conservation projects in his/her own community.

  • The student will be able to craft persuasive and argumentative texts in reference to international conservation.

  • The student will participate in a collaborative group to complete projects related to regional conservation.

  • The student will participate in a collaborative International Conservation conversation with students from another country.

Teacher Information

Our International Conservation event of our Living with Nature series will be broadcast via Zoom on Wednesday, March 25 at 10 am. It will last approximately 1 hour.

In order to set the foundation for the material we will cover when live, we encourage you to use the pre-event activities. This will help prime the learning pump for students. These activities are optional but will allow your students to begin considering what they may be able to do to support international conservation.

You can use the International Conservation site to inform yourself of what is already happening at and with the North Carolina Zoo. This will give you good background knowledge prior to the event.

Please note: While there will be plenty of opportunity for interaction with our live event hosts, we ask that you work with your students before and after the event to keep the learning and exploration going!

Prior to Event

  1. Compare and contrast North Carolina conservation efforts with another state. Then, compare/contrast US conservation efforts with your choice of foreign country.

  2. How do we in the US depend on other countries for conservation efforts and support? Do we need to conserve differently (e.g., deforestation)? How do other countries depend on the US for conservation efforts and support?

  3. Solutions and Problems - Where can we learn how to fix these issues?

During the Event - Recording posted at the bottom of this page.

Watch the live stream (or recording if necessary). Use the participation guides to keep students engaged, encourage questions, and offer reflection time.

After the Event

  1. Consider teaming up with a classroom from another country to discuss conservation techniques and expand your students’ 21st Century communication skills.

    EPALS is a fabulous resource for connecting safely with another school.

  2. Argument/PSA/Letter to the Editor - Encourage others outside of US (and within) to participate in conservation efforts. Using the format of students’ choice, create a letter, an argumentative essay, or a video Public Service Announcement. Remember to use persuasive techniques (video).  

For questions or further information email