Zoo Jobs: More than you think

The North Carolina Zoo offers unique opportunities to learn more about the assortment of Zoo careers while discovering how all Zoo staff contribute to the care of our animals.  “Zoo Jobs: More than you think” is a chance for participants to learn about the wide range of career options in the zoo world and understand what is required to operate the small city that is the North Carolina Zoo.  This program visits several areas, some away from the public view, within the 2,600 acre North Carolina Zoo complex to see the many different sides of zoo operations. Participants will learn:

  • How we minimize waste and resource consumption
  • How our animal care staff looks after our animals
  • How zoo animal diets are prepared
  • The important role horticulture plays in maintaining our animals and the zoo grounds
  • How zoo habitats are created in order to closely mimic the animals’ natural environments
  • The unique veterinary challenges zoo animals pose
  • About zoo efforts to protect species in the wild from extinction

Opportunities available:

  • Current North Carolina protocols designed to help slow the spread of the novel coronavirus infection will not allow scheduling of in-person Career Programs at this time. To learn more about careers at the Zoo, you may wish to view our brief, six-minute slide show below.

Zoo Jobs: More than you think! begins at 10 a.m. and runs until 2:30 p.m.

Cost is $40.00 per person and pre-registration is required.

The day includes a lunch break around Noon. Please either bring a lunch, or be prepared to purchase lunch at one of the Zoo’s restaurants.

For additional details, please contact Bob Langston at (336) 879-7711 or make your reservations
at (336) 879-7700.