Endangered Species Awareness Poster Contest

The North Carolina Zoo invites all North Carolina, K-12 grade students to showcase their artistic talent and their commitment to increasing awareness of endangered species by participating in the Endangered Species Awareness Poster Contest.


An endangered species is an animal or plant that is in danger of becoming extinct, meaning it would no longer be alive on our Earth. There are more than 1,000 animal species endangered worldwide. North Carolina alone has 28 endangered plant and animal species. There are many reasons why a species may become endangered, including habitat destruction, introduced species, disease, pollution, animal trade, population, and the list goes on. But remember, endangered means there is still time!


Endangered species poster contest

And the 2019 Winners are...

This past fall, we asked our North Carolina K-12th graders to combine art, research, and their desire to help our planet by creating posters about endangered species and entering them into our Endangered Species Awareness Poster Contest. We had a great time looking through them all and there were a lot because we had over 220 entries! We had a two part voting system to figure out the winners. First, the posters were judged by 12 education staff members who ranked their favorite five from each division, each number had a point value attached with #1 having the most and #5 the least. After adding up all the points, the final five entries with the most votes from each division were displayed and voting was opened up to all North Carolina Zoo employees. The common theme from voters was that it was so hard to make a decision because all the posters were great and it was a tight race. Some divisions had as little as three votes separating first and second place. 

Congrats to our winners and thank you to all those who entered this year! Join us this fall for the 2020 Endangered Species Awareness Poster Contest. To see a larger and clearer image right click on the image and "open image in new tab."

Sea Turtle Endangered Species Poster

Division 1:  K-2nd Grade

Ryan Ahn

Charlotte, NC

Sea Turtles

Humpback Whale Endangered Poster

Division 2: 3-5th Grade

KyungBin Park

Indian Trail, NC

Humpback Whale


Rusty Patched Bee Endangered Poster

Division 3: 6-8th Grade

Amari Gilmore

Lenoir, NC

Rusty Patched Bumblebee

Black Rhino Endangered Poster

Division 4: 9-12th Grade

Gabrielle Schiltz

Hickory, NC

Black Rhino

For more information on the Endangered Species Poster Competition, email or Phone 336.879.7718 or toll free 1.800.488.0444 ext. 7718


North Carolina Zoo Endangered Species Poster 2018

Printable 8 1/2 x 11 poster in PDF