• Birthday Party Reservations

    We are currently not taking any reservations for birthday parties at the Zoo. We will resume this offering at a later date.

Birthday Frequently Asked Questions

Changes to and cancellations are allowed up to two weeks of the birthday party date. All cancellations will be charged a $50 fee, regardless of the reason. Cancellations made less than two weeks from the birthday party fee will not receive a refund in any amount. 

No refunds are given for guests who do not show up. You have up to two weeks before the party to change your reservations. After that, you are responsible for the payment regardless of attendance. We strongly recommend wording your RSVP so that the deadline is clear. If you have more people show up for the party, you will be charged $15 for each additional guest. More than 25 people are not allowed into the room due to fire code. I am a zoo member. Can I use my guest passes for some of the adults? No. You receive a 15% discount. Other than that, all adults and children must be included in the count. 


Yes. Our birthday party room can only seat 25 maximum per the fire code of the space. No extra guests are allowed. Members must be included in count. 

The birthday party is located behind Kidzone. You can ask at the North American gate where the area is located and will be provided a map. A birthday party staff person will meet your group at the chalk wall inside the play area at the time of your party, look for Birthday Party sign. 

Birthday party reservations are held rain or shine. Please let all your guests know ahead of time to check the weather and be prepared for whatever it entails. 

The zoo is open 364 days a year regardless of rain. Occasionally, the zoo does close due to inclement conditions such as ice. In the event that your birthday party falls on a date that the zoo has to close, you can have the option of rescheduling your event or receiving a refund in the full amount. If you are unsure, please check the website and the front page will advertise closures. 

No. Since the party is held inside the zoo, we require that events use the North Carolina Zoo catering department for food. Our catering service has a lunch box menu available. 

Yes. Helium balloons are NOT allowed. This is for the safety of our wildlife. Any additional decorations can be put up during the half hour prior to the party. 

No. Due to limited space and other events there is no place to store your party supplies. We can loan you a wagon to take items to your vehicle. You can return to the Zoo with your ticket stub. 

Yes. There is no additional fee if you would like to have the party for more than one person. Birthday cake is included and will have both names on the one cake unless specified.

No. We cannot take requests for specific animals for your encounter. Our Animal Ambassadors include blue-tongued skink, prairie dogs, skunk, African pygmy hedgehog, barred owl, red-tailed hawk, tiger salamander, cane toad, box turtle, an assortment of snakes and large insects. We will try to honor your preference, but our Animal Ambassadors are very popular and may be booked for other events. It is a good idea to select a first and a second choice. 

Yes. Here is a rough agenda, keeping in mind that every group is a little different:

  • Front Porch Free Play with Bubbles, Hula Hoops and Animal Ring Toss, for about 15 minutes
  • Themed Education Program, for about 20-30 minutes
  • Animal Ambassador Encounter, for about 10-15 minutes
  • Cake, ice cream, popcorn and pink lemonade for about 10-15 minutes
  • Time for presents (parent-led), for about 15 minutes
  • Children can also color on kraft paper a birthday banner and listen to birthday party music