Seasonal Jobs Available at the North Carolina Zoo: Transportation  

Written by Laura Dunn, Transportation Dept. Branch Chief, North Carolina Zoo

I'm Laura Dunn, the Branch Chief of the Transportation Department at the North Carolina Zoo. I started out as a seasonal employee in 2001. I drove trams and buses inside the park and shuttle buses between the parking lots, taking guests from one stop to another and assisting them with loading and unloading, answering questions, pointing them in the direction of habitats, etc. I was invited to come back the following year in 2002 and worked my way up to Branch Chief.  

I love that you get to work outside every day. You get to meet lots of people from different places, and it’s so much fun.  

Now Hiring 

The Transportation Department has seven full-time permanent employees, but during our busy season during the warmer months, we have between 30-34 seasonal employees. We are currently hiring around 15 seasonal employees.   

Typical Day 

Once at work, tram drivers get their assignments for the day. It could be driving a bus or tram inside the park or shuttle bus for parking lot operations. Drivers perform a pre-trip inspection to check fluids under the hood oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, belts, etc. They do an exterior check inspecting the body of the vehicle tires and for leaks. Then they clean the vehicle by sweeping, emptying the trash, and washing and/or mopping if needed. 

Transportation staff assists guests with loading and unloading: strollers wheelchairs and strapping everything down for safety throughout the day. A big part of the job is answering guests’ questions, such as giving advice on the best way to visit the park and pointing them in the direction of their favorite animal habitat.

Best Person for the Job 

The best type of person for this job would be someone who is energetic, outgoing, likes to be outside, has great customer service skills, enjoys helping people, and has team working skills. They must be 18 years old with a valid NC driver’s license and can lift strollers and wheelchairs and assist others on and off the trams and buses as needed. The transportation team must be able to handle the all-weather conditions and work on non-climate-controlled vehicles. 

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