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Zoo Rules

Kids and Flamingos

Go Wild, Within Limits

Certain rules must be followed while you are visiting the Zoo. These rules have been developed for the safety of visitors and the Zoo's animals.  

Prohibited Items

  • alcohol
  • backpacks*
  • balloons  
  • balls
  • bicycles
  • coolers**
  • firearms and concealed weapons
  • food or beverage**
  • frisbees 
  • glass
  • grills
  • noise makers
  • pets
  • radios
  • remote control
  • rollerblades
  • scooters
  • shoes with wheels
  • skateboards
  • skates
  • steering trikes 

*Backpacks used as camera bags, diaper bags or pocketbooks can be brought into the Zoo. School students should not bring backpacks.  The Zoo reserves the right to check the contents of any backpack. 
**Coolers, food or beverage used for medical purposes can be checked at either entrance, tagged and brought inside the Zoo. Guests are welcome to carry a bottled, non-alcoholic beverage into the Park.