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See the Animals

The best way to see more than 1,600 animals and 52,000 plants is to walk the Park. If you tire easily, stroll at a relaxed pace and enjoy the woods around you!  Major exhibits are about eight minutes apart and shaded benches, restrooms and water fountains are located throughout the Park for your comfort.  You can find the  Visitor photographing animalslocations of restrooms and water fountains on the free Visitor Guide you receive at the admission booth.

The N.C. Zoo features natural habitat exhibits.  This provides an environment in which an animal feels more comfortable.

Throughout your day at the Zoo, be sure to take your time at the exhibit overlooks because many animals blend in with their surroundings naturally.


Some of the North Carolina Zoo's animals, particularly the African species, are unable to tolerate very cold weather. For this reason, certain  animals may not be on exhibit if temperatures or wind-chill factors are below 45 degrees F. Precipitation can also impact animal-exhibit status. If temperatures exceed the 45-degree minimum, affected animals may be placed on exhibit later in the day. Animals in indoor exhibits are not impacted by temperatures and may be enjoyed by visitors year round.

Here are some tips from animal keepers to help you see the animals.

Special events offer visitors unique opportunities like watching animals receive treats.   Plan to see the animals at feeding times for special animal encounters