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Park Transportation

The N.C. Zoo offers two types of free transportation for visitors.

1. In-Park Tram and Bus Service

This service runs inside the Park.  Please note that animals are not visible from the trams or buses.  Visitors can ride on open-air trams or air-conditioned buses.  The buses can be identified by theirZebra Stripped Shuttle Bus zebra stripes.

There are three tram stops inside the Park:   North America, Africa Akiba Market and Junction Plaza .   The Junction Plaza tram stops allow visitors to travel in either direction.  See Park Map.

The wait time for a tram or bus averages 30 minutes.  During heavy visitation periods, the wait may be longer.   

In-Park transportation service operates from 9 a.m. until 30 minutes after closing.

Trams and buses accommodate strollers that are empty and folded and wheelchairs.     

2. Parking lot shuttle service

This service runs outside the Park between the North America and Africa parking lots.

The shuttle stops are located a short distance outside the ticket booths at both the North America and Africa entrances.  Use this service if you finish your visit at the opposite entrance from where you parked your car.  It is faster to use the parking lot shuttle than the in-Park tram or bus.

Parking lot shuttle service operates from 11 a.m. until 30 minutes after closing.  

Trams and buses accommodate strollers that are empty and folded and wheelchairs.