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Parking is free

When you arrive at the N.C. Zoo, you will see that it has two regions, North America and Africa. Each region has its own parking lots and ticket booths. After you park your vehicle, please take note of the parking lot number or letter for easy return at the end of your visit.  Shuttles are available between parking lots.  The road between the North America and Africa parking lots is about one mile. You can visit the entire Park from either entrance using one ticket.  See Park Map.

Both entrances are on a level walking surface and have accessible drop-off points for visitors who are mobility impaired.  Accessible parking spaces are available with a valid license plate or hangtag.  Rental wheelchairs and strollers are available at both Park entrances. 

Bus and RV Parking

Both North America and Africa have designated parking lots for buses and RVs.  Please park before unloading passengers.   RV parking areas are not equipped for overnight parking or camping. 

We offer designated areas for bus parking.   In Africa, please park buses in lot #1.  In North America, please park buses in lot "A."  Individual vehicles should park in the remaining lots.

If the North America lot is full, buses will unload in North America and park in Africa lot # 1. A shuttle bus back to North America will be provided so drivers can wait until the group is ready to leave. Drivers would then use the shuttle to return to their buses before returning to load the group. The shuttle cannot accommodate an entire group.