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Polar Bear in Water

The North Carolina Zoo is a part of the state government.  We are an agency within the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.  Our staff is one of the best anywhere in the world, but we can always use a few extra hands for some tasks.

Whether growing plants in the browse garden, creating papier mache items for animal enrichment, painting a barn, greeting visitors inside the main gates, staffing special events, teaching youngsters about exhibit animals or helping to rehabilitate an injured opossum, volunteers make things happen around here.

Each year, our corps of volunteers dedicate more than 40,000 hours toward numerous projects and activities.  Whatever your interest might be, we probably have a way for you to become a part of the Zoo family through volunteer activities.

Time availability and distance might prohibit some from volunteering at the Zoo, but you can still lend your support through the North Carolina Zoological Society