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Harbor Seal

Feeding times are posted daily at the exhibit.   Zookeepers normally post one to two feeding times.  Please look for the sign in front of the exhibit.  Times may vary according to animal needs and exhibit activities.

Limbs are modified into flippers. Foreflippers have all the same skeletal features of land mammal forelimbs. These flippers are used to help steer underwater. They have noticeable, but short, blunt claws which are used for scratching, grooming, and defense. Hind flippers are webbed, and when spread, the hind flippers resemble a fan. Hind flippers are moved side-to-side to provide propulsion. All flippers are covered with hair.

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Streamside Closed Feb 12-16

The Streamside habitat at the North Carolina Zoo will be closed Feb 12-16 for routine annual maintenance.

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