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Preparing students for success in our 21st century global society is a challenging task. Rigorous and relevant curriculum is vitally important, as are small learning communities where relationships can flourish. Equally important is a philosophy of using appropriate and integral technology to facilitate and enhance these learning opportunities.

The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction describes three levels of technology use: traditional, enhanced and infused. Traditional technology implies use of technology tools for basic functions, such a word processing and basic spreadsheet operation. Enhanced technology allows facilitation through a higher level of interaction and computer-assisted learning. The most thorough use of technology is the infusion level, where learning uses web-based application, multiple technology and multi-media tools and where technology is an inseparable component of learning.

At the AHS Zoo School, technology infusion is achieved through the use of interactive classrooms. Each classroom has its own smartboard that the teachers use on a daily basis. Students are challenged to learn in new ways that bring relevant technology to a non-traditional classroom setting.

Each classroom has its own set of laptops, in which every student is assigned a laptop for in-class use. Wireless internet access allows students to work freely around the AHS Zoo School on projects and individual learning activities. Laptops can be taken throughout the Zoo for writing, notes, data collection and real-time analysis. Also there are digital cameras and video cameras available to all Zoo School students for checkout. Students can use these for group-based projects, in which the finished project is presented before the class.