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Zoo School

Asheboro High School Zoo School -

            A Model for 21st Century EducationAHS Zoo School

Zoo School

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Applying for Zoo School

At the Asheboro High Zoo School students encounter a unique learning experience that few other students will have the opportunity to enjoy. Students in the 10th, 11th and 12th grades who are selected in the application process get to use all that the Zoo has to offer. Teachers work with Zoo staff to plan and incorporate their lessons with the Zoo. For example, students may observe an animal on exhibit rather than read about it in text, or they may even go behind the scenes with the Zoo keeper for a first-hand account.

Based on a model from Lincoln, Nebraska, the AHS Zoo School can house up to 150 students. Students attend one to two classes at the Asheboro High School main campus then travel to a classroom and lab facility on the Zoo for the remainder of their classes in science, English, mathematics and social studies. Students can ride the school bus or drive themselves. Students are actively involved in their learning through problem-solving methods, group-based projects, technology-based projects and the use of the 1,500-acre, world-class, North Carolina Zoo as their classroom.

Susan Yow at 336-625-6185