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A special place for 2 to 10 year olds
to explore and play

KidZone is open daily from 9 am- 4:30 pm 

The stick structure Ready or Not, was designed and built by Patrick Dougherty with the help of zoo staff and volunteers.

kidZone Stick Art Entrance


Nature Play Areas

We've added and updated some of the play areas for your kids to get the most out of their play. 

stream pictureWe've added a stream for your kids to jump and splash around in.  Don't forget your rain boots or water sandals!

If your little one is still in diapers, SWIM DIAPERS ARE REQUIRED.

We are continuing to build forts in the woods behind the barn.  How good are your knot tying and shelter building skills?forts


coffee cup

Skip on over to the Mud Cafe to order up a serving of crunchy blueberry pancakes for breakfast or grilled cheese and dirt for lunch. Think outside the sink and help us conserve water when rinsing our dishes. Don't forget to tip your cook!

Treetop trails


Enjoy seeing the park from a crows eye view from The Treetop Trails.  This is the only place within KidZone that we ask you to walk NOT run or bounce on the bridge.  Bouncing can buckle your knees and cause injury. 


What are you waiting for? Come Play With Us! Stop on by and find out what else you can do here at KidZone!

Pre-School Programs

Pre-School Summer Camps

jumping boy

July Fun Day Activities 2014
Join us as we play and explore!  All activities and entrance into the KidZone play area are FREE with the price of zoo admission and registration is not required. Play leaders will be stationed around KidZone with all the materials. 

 July 1- Painting with chalk

July 2- Watermelon craft

July 3- Making Flags

July 4- Be patriotic with chalk fireworks and flag banners

July 5- Flag Windsocks

July 6- Catch the sun with sun catchers 

July 7- Using leaves to make cool designs

July 8- Marble painting!

July 9- Bubble day! make and take different types of bubble blowers

July 10- Discover nature with a scavenger hunt

July 11-- Celebrate Charlotte's Web with spider hats

July 12- Let's go fly a kite!

July 13- It's race day- make mini sailboats and race them down the stream

July 14-Make your own fireflies

July 15- Get a little slimy with Oobleck

July 16- Become king or queen of the woods with nature crowns

July 17- Everyone loves bubbles.  Now lets stamp with them

July 18-Cow Appreciation Day- make and cow mask

July 19-Make your own butterfly

July 20-Moon Day- make a moon rock and play in moon sand

July 21-Make flower prints with pop bottles

July 22-Play dough fun

July 23-Design your own prints using natural materials

July 24-Spin yarn to make a god's eye

July 25-Feet painting

July 26-What's your favorite bug?  Make a bug headband and turn into a bug.

July 27- It's National Tree Day- hug a tree and make a tree rubbing collage

July 28- World Nature Conservation Day- Make a vest from recycled materials

July 29- cloud dough

July 30- Make flowers with your hand print

July 31-Celebrate JK Rowlings birthday by making a magic wand

Nature Play Days

kids at playWe invite you to host your own Nature Play Day in your local community.  Take advantage of our Resource Packet to plan your event. If you would like to have the Zoo participate in your Nature Play Day contact us at (336) 879-7715 or Email.

Nature Play Day Resource Packet

Support for Play Handout

Play Matters

Protect the earth for tomorrow by playing in nature today!

kidZone is still part of the movement to reconnect children with nature. Kids don't spend nearly as much time outside now as their parents and especially their grandparents did when they were children.  With the growing issues in our environment, a connection with the natural world is essential to preserving the wild places all the zoo animals represent.  Our hope is that kids who connect with nature grow into adults who care for nature.  So, be sure to get outside in your own backyard and enjoy the outdoors throughout the seasons...don't forget to dress appropriately!
Take advantage of some of these ideas...  Backyard Play  

For more information about kidZone, contact the Zoo education office by email

Learn more about connecting children and nature with these resources:girls fort