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Keepers in the Classroom Programs

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Plains of Africa (K-8)

African grasslands support a varied population of animals including antelope, rhinos and elephants. Develop an understanding of how increased human population, poaching, habitat fragmentation and other factors are having a serious effect on these animals, and discover actions you can take to preserve and protect wild habitats locally and globally.

Program objectives:

Ocean Connections (K-8)

Program objectives:

Discovering Deserts (K-8)

Deserts are not barren wastelands, but wonderful ecosystems full of life. Learn about fascinating desert plants and animals and their remarkable adaptations to life with limited supplies of water. Discover ways to conserve and preserve our own precious water resources.

Program objectives:

Chimps of the Forest (K-8)

Like humans, chimpanzees need clean water and air, nutritious food, sufficient shelter, plenty of space and opportunities for social interactions. Learn about the fascinating culture of chimpanzees, the effects of human population growth on their forest habitats and actions you can take to preserve and protect wild habitats, locally and globally.

Program objectives:

Wetland Wonders (K-8)

What’s a wetland worth? It’s priceless! Not only do healthy wetlands support an abundance of plant and animal life, but they provide lots of environmental ‘services’ as well. Learn about the importance of wetland habitats to the lives of alligators and other amazing wildlife. Discover the many ways wetlands are valuable, the impact of human activities on wetland environments and ways you can help preserve these amazing ecosystems.

Program objectives:

Glorious Grasslands (K-8)

Giraffes, zebras and ostriches are just a sampling of the wondrous diversity of wildlife supported by Africa’s grassland and bushland biomes. Learn about the connections between human population growth in Africa and the growing competition between people and wildlife for precious natural resources. Make comparisons with similar issues relative to local species and learn ways to preserve and protect wildlife habitats.

Program objectives:

Masters of the Night (K-8)

Do bats really drink blood and get tangled in your hair? Dispel the myths, learn the great value of bats and discover ways to assist with their conservation.

Program objectives: