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Keepers in the Classroom Grants

Financial assistance is available to cover the cost of the program

Many thanks to GlaxoSmithKline for contributing funding that provides grant money to selected North Carolina schools to cover the cost of Keepers in the Classroom presentations and ‘action’ projects to benefit the environment.

Grants to cover program fees and up to $300 per school to support a classroom environmental project may be awarded to applicants who verify that the keeper presentations and environmental project meet appropriate interdisciplinary curriculum objectives. Teachers will be required to keep an itemized budget indicating items that were covered by the grant and original receipts. All receipts must add up to the total amount funded, or the balance must be returned to the Zoo. All funding applications for action projects must include a request for a Keeper in the Classroom presentation.

Applicants must also agree to participate in evaluative surveys and provide documentation of the project through photos, samples of students’ work or other methods.

The grant cycle begins July 1. Applications must be received by no later than Oct. 15. All applications will be processed and applicants notified by Oct. 30. Projects must be completed during the current school year and evaluations and documentation submitted to the Zoo no later than May 15.


Scheduling without grant funding