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Zoo To You EDventures  

Classroom Zoo To You EDventures

This education program is designed for groups of less than 30 students. These programs are designed to stimulate curiosity about animals and their habitats and encourage respect for the natural world.  Up to four programs per day can be scheduled at one location.  The N.C. Zoo requires a minimum of two weeks notice for any Zoo To You programs. 

Zoo To You Edventures cost $75 per program.  We can travel to schools located up to 100 miles from the Zoo.  For locations outside a 25 mile radius of the N.C. Zoo, an additional charge of $.45 per mile, round trip will be added.  Onsite programs cost $50. 

Full payment is required a minimum of one week prior to the scheduled program date.  


Program Description

K-5th Grade


Each species of animal has a unique covering, whether it is fur, feathers, skin or shell.  By examining these coverings, students see how adaptations such as color, pattern, size and skeletal features help animals survive in the wild.

K-4th Grade


This program answers the question: How does a caterpillar go from eggs to legs to wings?  Students explore the amazing lifecycles of different animals including insects and amphibians and investigate the vast physical changes these animals go through in their journey of life.

K-12th Grade


Whether flying in the sky or hiding from the heat, plants and animals adapt to their environment in many ways.  Learn about the creature features of some of the NC Zoo's most famous residents.

2nd-8th Grade


Can you solve the mystery?  Bones tell us many things about animals.  Explore the bones and skulls of various animals to discover how they move, what they eat and how big they are.  Learn why bones are valuable to scientific research.

2nd-8th Grade


Learn about some of the native animals found right here in North Carolina.  We'll explore where to find their habitats and why they are important to the overall health of our environment.

2nd-8th Grade


Can you guess how much an African elephant poops each day or what happens to all the "zoo doo"?  Animal poop is known by many names and can in fact be useful.  This program is heavy doodie!

Assembly Zoo To You EDventures

Earth is home to a variety of life. Learn about some of the special animals on our planet and how all things, in nature, are connected.  

Number of Participants
Cost per Program

40 - 99 
100 - 200 max 

For further information or to schedule a program for your school, contact the N.C. Zoo Education School Programs Office (336) 879-7715; toll free (800) 488-0444, ext. 7715, or E-mail