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The students at Zoo School are known to be leaders, creative thinkers and hardworkers. Almost all Zoo School students are involved in sports, clubs, community-service projects and extra-curricular off-campus activities. Zoo school students are connected to one another and have a strong sense of family and work to achieve interdependency.

Zoo School students are concerned with the carbon footprint that we all leave on the Earth and have a stong sense of environmental morals.

Zoo School students have commented on Zoo School themselves:

"We learn through observation, collaboration and cooperation." Dylan Auman

"I didn't look forward to school until I came to Zoo School."        Richie Bohling

"The Zoo School has helped me suceed in areas I didn't even know I had an interest in." Payton Burnette

"The Zoo School has made me more environmentally aware."    Wade Harris

"I like the group-based projects we do at Zoo School."
Murlee Parkerson 

"A benefit of this school is smaller class size. Students have stronger relationships in the classroom." Ashton Wassack