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Zoo Snooze Frequently Asked Questions

When are Zoo Snoozes offered?
Zoo Snooze programs are offered on Friday and Saturday evenings, January-November, subject to availability.  There are a limited number of Wednesday and Thursday evening program dates available each year as well.  Contact the Zoo Snooze Coordinator by Email for availability.

How far in advance do reservations need to be made?
Reservations are accepted on a first-come first-served basis for available dates.  A minimum of four (4) weeks notice is required for Zoo Snooze bookings. However, please note that the spring (March-May) and fall (September-November) are our most popular months, and these dates book quickly.  Reservations may be made as far as six (6) months in advance. 

What if my group doesn’t meet the minimum participant requirements?
We can accommodate smaller group sizes however, the base program fee ($550.00) is still required.  We strongly recommend no fewer than eight (8) youth.

Can we have more than 30 participants?
Our maximum participant requirements have been set to ensure a quality experience for all.  There are NO exceptions to our maximum number of participants.

My group has more than 30 participants.  Can we book two (2) programs for the same evening?
At this time, we are only able to accommodate one (1) program on a given evening.  If you are interested in splitting your group, you may consider booking two (2) consecutive evenings.  Please note that dates are booked on a first-come first-served basis however, so more advanced notice is recommended to accommodate full weekend bookings.  Contact the Zoo Snooze Coordinator by Email for availability. 

How many chaperones are required?
One (1) adult is required for every ten (10) youth.  This ratio may not exceed more than one (1) adult for every one (1) youth.

What is the age range for Zoo Snooze participants?
The programs are designed for youth ages 7-12.  Younger siblings are not permitted.

Are additional adults and siblings able to join us for our visit at the zoo the day following our Zoo Snooze program?
If you have additional people who would like to visit the zoo with your group, they may meet you at zoo admissions, at 9 a.m. the following morning.  They are required to pay regular admission fees.  If you need accommodations for additional guests, please visit:

Do Society members receive a discount?
Zoo Snooze programs are booked and paid for as a group.  There are no discounts offered for these programs. 

Where do we sleep?
Participants sleep in a large climate-controlled room with carpeted flooring, at the Zoo’s education building.  Each participant is responsible for providing their own bedding (sleeping bag, pillow, sleeping pad, air mattress*, etc).  *Air mattresses are allowed and recommended, especially for adults.

Are there separate sleeping quarters for males and females?
All program participants (including chaperones) stay in one room.  The room is large enough for co-ed groups to be able to designate space within the room as male or female sleeping quarters.

Are there showers available for participants?
There are no shower facilities available for Zoo Snooze participants.  There are separate male and female restrooms.  Each restroom is equipped with multiple toilet stalls and multiple sinks.

Will we get to go behind-the-scenes?
Due to safety concerns and the availability of animal care staff, we are not able to offer behind-the-scenes tours for most Zoo Snooze programs.  The Safari Snooze does have an option for a barn tour to be added on to the program.

Will we get to tour the Zoo at night?
Most of the Zoo’s animals are given access to inside holding areas overnight.  This allows them to have some “down time”.  For this reason few animals are visible after hours.  Zoo Snooze participants will however, take a night hike, along the tram road, after dark.  This is an opportunity for the group to spend some time outside.  Several educational activities are done while out on the night hike.

Is dinner provided?
Participants should plan to eat dinner before arriving.  A snack is provided in the evening as well as a light breakfast the following morning.

Can group members arrive late and/or leave early?
Groups are asked to arrive 15 minutes prior to program start time in order to check-in, unload overnight gear, etc.  All group participants (youth and chaperones included) must be checked in by the program start time.  Zoo entrances are secured each evening and opened each morning by park rangers.  Once locked for the evening, the gates will only be opened for emergency purposes.  Participants should plan to be present for the entire program.

Is Zoo admission included in the program fee?
Each Zoo Snooze program participant will receive admission to the Zoo the day following their scheduled program.

Can we use our admission passes for another day?
Zoo admission is a component of the Zoo Snooze program and is only valid the day following your Zoo Snooze. No rainchecks!     

Will my boy/girl scouts receive a badge for participating in a Zoo Snooze?
This is not a scout merit badge program however, N.C. Zoo Scout Patches are available for purchase in the gift shops.  Please note that these are patches and not official scout merit badges.