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Group Programs

Looking for a way to spend some wild time with your non-school group or organization?  Let the Zoo provide a unique and fun learning opportunity through one of its Ed-Zoo-Cation programs.  Through exciting hands-on materials and interesting activities, the professional education staff at the N.C. Zoo will introduce your group to interesting topics ranging from adaptations to food chains and even the climate. Participants will connect with animals, discover the need for healthy habitats and actions they can take to help protect our Earth’s precious natural resources.

On-site Ed-Zoo-Cation programs are offered year-round to groups.  These exciting programs are available any time from 9:30 am- 3:00 pm, seven days a week.  Dates, however, are subject to availability.  Minimum group size is 12 total participants (children and adults combined). Suggested group size is no more than 30. Larger groups can be accommodated, but interaction with materials may be limited. Please allow 45 minutes per program.

Fee for each presentation is $60.  Any additional on-site programs can be scheduled for $45 per additional program.

Off-site group programs are offered on a limited basis. Programs designated with an (*) are available for off-site presentations. Off-site programs are offered to locations within 100 miles of the Zoo.

Fee for off-site programs is $75 plus a mileage fee. Mileage fee is $.50 per mile after the first 50 miles, roundtrip. Program locations within 25 miles of the Zoo do not incur a mileage fee. Google Maps is used in determining distance. Additional off-site programs can be scheduled on the same day for $45 per additional program. 

Contact the Zoo at least three weeks in advance to request a program. To schedule a program, call the Zoo's Education Division at (336) 879-7716 or e-mail your request.  Connect with the Zoo today to get inspired about wildlife!

Target Audience 

         Program Description

5-7 years of age


Just like candy has a wrapper to protect it, animals have special coverings that protect them from the outdoors. Touchable biofacts, folk tales and live animals help us tell the story of fur, feathers, scales and more.

5-7 years of age


Animals move in many ways, from crawling and running to flying and slithering. Investigate how animals get from here to there and back again through hands-on biofacts, activities and live animals.

5-10 years of age


Can you believe that some owls love to eat skunks? OK, so maybe their sense of smell is not great, but most animals have excellent senses that help them survive. Through activities, discussions, live animals and biofacts, explore what makes some animals sense-sational.

8-13 years of age


The cold, white Arctic is actually full of life, but this fragile ecosystem is in trouble. We will share how many animals of the Arctic survive in this frigid home, what's happening to this unique habitat and some simple things we can all do to help it stay nice and cold up there.

8-13 years of age


Food chains help us identify who eats what...or whom. Participants will discover how much information can be found in an animal's skull, how teeth determine what you eat and how some animals avoid being on the menu of others.

8-13 years of age


Join us in taking a look at chimpanzees, from their social structure (complete with a boss) to their use of tools and other adaptations.  Biofacts and activities help us try to understand these unique primates better. You might even learn how to communicate like a chimp! 
8-18 years of age


From sharp teeth and camouflaged fur to strong tusks and thick shells, animals have certain traits to help them find food and keep them from being eaten. Hands-on biofacts, activities and live animals will show off many different adaptations for many different animals.

11-18 years of age


A lot is being made of climate changes in the news today. Through discussions,demonstrations and live animals, we will explore the difference between climate and weather and the impact changes to our climate will have on animals, the environment and us.

7-12 years of age

'Zoo Snooze' Overnight Experiences for Children

Looking for a fun educational experience for your group? A Zoo snooze is just the thing for you.
The NC Zoo offers three exciting overnight programs to engage your brain, entertain your senses and enhance your environmental awareness.

Older Students Special programming may be available upon request. Program development fees may apply. Please allow six weeks for new program development.

(*)= Available as an off-site program