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Tooro Botanical Garden

The North Carolina Zoo and the Tooro Botanical Gardens are partnersTooro Botanical Garden in Uganda in plant conservation activities in Uganda.The Zoo can not hope to fulfill our mission to conserve biological diversity without helping those institutions in the places where biological diversity exists. 

To further conservation of biological diversity in Uganda, the North Carolina Zoo is supporting the development of Map showing Ugandathe Tooro Botanical Gardens (TBG). The Tooro Botanical Gardens is a resource for sustainable biodiversity conservation of the Albertine Rift.  The 100 acre garden located in Fort Portal, Uganda, provides training, research, education and extension services to the citizens of Uganda. The North Carolina Zoo is working with Tooro Botanical Gardens on strategic planning, and capacity building of garden and staff, in order to enhance TBG’s ability to work toward its goals.

Help The North Carolina Zoo assist Tooro Botanical Gardens with the Tooro Botanical Gardens Medicinal Plants Program. 

The Medicinal Plants Program of Tooro Botanical Gardens:

If interested -- call or email Virginia Wall,  Curator of Horticulture North Carolina Zoo  (336-879-7400)