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Gorilla Baby Book

Thanks for visiting the Gorilla Baby Book.  Visit often to find the latest photos and information available.  Gorilla Baby Book  

The two male gorillas born in August 2012, "Bomassa" and "Apollo," are healthy and on exhibit daily with their parents.

"Jamani," age 13, delivered the first gorilla born at the N.C. Zoo in 23 years when Bomassa arrived on August 4 of last year. The zoo’s first infant gorilla, "Kwanza," was born in March 1989. Gorilla Moms and Babies

On August 31, 2012, 17-year-old "Olympia" gave birth to another male infant which keepers named "Apollo."

The father of both infants was Nkosi who arrived from the Columbus (Ohio) Zoo and passed in September 2013.Nikosi Memorial

N.C. Zoo offers Free Gorilla iPad MagazineGorilla Ipad App Icon

The birth of two baby boy gorillas in August of 2012 at the North Carolina Zoo marked an historic event! To celebrate, a special edition iPad magazine was created that features our troop of Western Lowland gorillas.

More on the Zoo's Gorillas

See photos of the gorilla babies.

Both the mothers and infants will have access to the Forest Glade exhibit but may not be visible at all times.

Currently there are only about 350 gorillas in 52 AZA-accredited zoos with just four successful births out of eight pregnancies recorded Babby gorilla crawlingduring 2011 and early 2012.

Most people will never get to see a gorilla in the wild. Seeing them in captivity allows people to appreciate how amazing they are and hopefully recognize how threatened they are in the wild. The North Carolina Zoo's field conservation program includes extensive work to preserve the Cross River Gorilla in Nigeria.

The North Carolina Zoo Gorilla Guide has information about the Zoo's collection of gorillas.


  • Born June 22, 1996
  • Named in honor of the 1996 Olympics held in Atlanta
Gorilla Olympia


Baby - Apollo 

  • Born August 31, 2012
  • Male
  • Mother Olympia

Gorilla Apollo


Mom -Jamani

  • Born in 1999 
  • Swahili name means "friend"


Gorilla Jamani

Baby - Bomassa 

  • Born August 4, 2012
  • Male
  • Mother Jamani 
  • "Bomassa" is a town and region in the Republic of Congo in central Africa closely associated with gorilla research.
Gorilla  Bomassa

Dad -Nkosi

In Remembrance:
Sept. 26-1991 to
Sept. 3, 2013

Beloved N.C. Zoo gorilla troop silverback and father to Bomassa and Apollo.


Gorilla Nkosi